Our Company

We are a team-based comprehensive wealth management company located in Tyler, Texas, whose professionals work with clients across the country. Our mission is to help individuals and families realize that the purpose for their wealth is to facilitate their life purpose, and then guide them towards the fulfillment of that purpose in all areas of their financial life. We start with a financial plan and support that plan with sound investment management, insurance planning, and tax planning.

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John Sokol

Investment Strategist

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Client Services Coordinator

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Marketing & Client Engagement

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Client Service Administrator

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Client Service Administrator

Our Team

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Our Philosophy

This illustration sums up our overall philosophy on financial planning. We go from the top down to build a plan based on conversations with you, and then assist you in working from the bottom up to help fulfill the purpose for your wealth.

Life Purpose

Your financial plan starts with your life purpose. The purpose for all the resources in your life should ultimately be to support and facilitate that overarching life purpose.​

Financial Goals

We work with you to set goals that are in alignment with your purpose and values that if met will be a good indicator that your wealth is in a position to fund and facilitate you living a purposeful life.

Wealth Purpose

At the end of your life, the fulfillment of your purpose is what matters. Many investors are so focused on how their investments are performing that they forget why they started investing in the first place. We believe that the purpose of your wealth is to facilitate your life purpose.

Financial Plan

We develop a set of specific actions to take in order to work towards your goals and purpose in an efficient and effective manner. We monitor your progress over time so that you will always know where you stand and what adjustments you need to make.

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