My Top 10 for Financial Health

10. Learn Delayed Gratification  In our world of instant everything, patience is a lost virtue. When desire for instant gratification meets money, we end up buying storage units full of things we do not need or really enjoy. At the least, learning to delay gratification will leave you with a…


Is Your Budget a Puzzle?

With all this down time during quarantine I have seen many pictures of people completing epic puzzles. Whether you have never completed a puzzle before or you are a veteran, think through this with me. Imagine you are sitting at an empty table with a 10,000-piece puzzle in your lap.…


The Other Side

The last few months have been interesting in many ways.  The calendar turned from 2019 to 2020, and January welcomed a booming economy and the freshness of beginning a new decade with optimism and confidence.  East Texas phenom Patrick Mahomes was crowned Super Bowl MVP.  March Madness was right around…

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