Plan. Live. Give.

Roseman Wealth Advisors recently passed our seven-year mark since forming our partnership.  There were a lot of hard decisions to work through as we launched RWA, but one core element came to us quite easily.  Alan and I often collaborated at our previous firm and found that we share many beliefs – we want to help people do better, we have seen that financial resources do not guarantee an abundant life and we have seen and experienced the joy of giving.  As we were brainstorming, the words plan, live and give jumped out at us.  They just fit…perfectly.  Plan, Live, Give, captures, in such a simple expression, the essence of what we strive for ourselves, and what we hope to enable in our clients.

Plan.  Lasting fulfillment is not accidental.  While unexpected events can bring momentary happiness, I believe it takes thought and work to achieve fulfillment.  Financial resources can play a role, but there are many examples of people with limited financial resources living an abundant life, and the opposite can also be true…lots of money, no lasting happiness.  Planning is the key, but planning has to go beyond short term goals.  Not to discount short term goals, but for planning to be life changing it should be driven by long term goals and it should encompass the things a person is passionate about.

Live.  Life comes with some incredible experiences.  “I wish I would have…” or, “life has just passed me by”, are such sad statements, and yet it’s a common reflection people share.  Working toward long term goals will likely require sacrifice along the way, so how does that mesh with not wanting to miss out on life events?  A plan should not serve as a wall, where all the good experiences in life are off limits.  Instead, a plan should serve as a scale to help balance day to day decisions, allowing steady advancement toward goals while also embracing life.

Give.  I believe people have a desire to give to others.  It is evident in the way people react to a disaster, devoting time and money to relief efforts.  Giving takes many different forms, from money and belongings to time and prayer.  Being the recipient of a gift is a good feeling, but the feeling one gets when giving a gift is better.  Giving is important, as well, because it helps to form bonds among people in a world where they are often drawn apart.

Because we believe so strongly in planning well financially, living life abundantly, and giving lavishly we have decided to start sharing stories and ideas through our new blog in order to encourage and equip everyone to plan, live, and give to the fullest.

Chris Langford

Chris graduated from Texas A&M University. In 1985, he married Julie, also an Aggie, and they have three sons and a daughter…all Aggies. Chris is an active member of Grace Community Church and enjoys exercise, traveling and music, but is especially fond of the outdoors. Chris would consider a great day to be hiking a long trail in the mountains, skiing on fresh snow, or rappelling down a slot canyon.
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